Fata Morgana Media delivers high quality images, stories and experiences for people who have a sense of adventure.  Originally founded as Andrew Marriott Photography and Art, this company has grown to include a variety of contributors; each of whom brings their own vision and sense of beauty.
At the beginning, Fata Morgana was all about images and art that focused on the ocean.  While this is still our primary focus, our images of land subjects can also be found in  publications around the world.  The overriding mission of our images is to present a vision that will make you question what is possible.
Images shot by our contributors have appeared in magazines, books, websites and various media around the world.  Often you will find these images in a story written by us.  Our primary focus now is the growing catalog of our own publications, which should number six by the end of 2018.  This will coincide with the launch of events and articles that highlight dive travel with families.

Meet Fata Morgana

While Fata Morgana is rooted in the work of Andrew Marriott, there are other great artists, divers and writers who share our vision.  Say hello......
  1. Dalice Marriott
    Dalice is the co-owner of Fata Morgana Media and has begun to take a more active role. Her photos have appeared in various publications and she takes an active role in marketing and is the driving force behind our Diving With Families initiative.
  2. Andrew Marriott
    Andrew Marriott is the founder and managing partner of Fata Morgana Media. He has been published worldwide and is a well known speaker at major events.
  3. Ram Yoro
    Ram is a top notch photographer and very well known cave/exploration diver in the Philippines. He is the co-author of the second Fata Morgana Media publication: Let's Go Dive! Guide to Anilao.

Business Partners

  1. Helios Scuba Equipment
    Helios Scuba Equipment
    Dalice is wearing all Helios gear, which is extremely well made and comes in a variety of colors. A lot of very nice innovative features allow for easy adjustments and excellent comfort.
  2. QY Sea
    QY Sea
    Maker of the Fifish underwater remotely operated vehicle. Andrew uses this for searching for wrecks and photographing those that are beyond diving depths.
  3. Ossidabile Jewelry
    Ossidabile Jewelry
    Made in Italy, Ossidabile jewelry comes in a huge variety of aquatic designs. The artistry is first rate and each piece is made of bronze so that it oxidizes in a way that makes each piece unique.
  4. Blue Lagoon Resort
    Blue Lagoon Resort
    Our home away from home, the Blue Lagoon Resort in Chuuk is the place to stay for the best wreck diving on Earth. Incredible staff and run by some of the best people you will ever meet.