Fata Morgana Media is the publisher of high quality niche books.  Our focus is on unique places that have an incredible story to tell.  We tell these stories through incredible images, stirring stories and trips that allow you to experience these locations.  This library is growing rapidly with six more books in the pipeline behind those already published.  All these are available through retail outlets, as well as on this website.

Legends Beneath the Waves Vol. 1
Truk Lagoon

254 pages
Full color
Soft cover
8.5x11 inches

​Full of stories, historic photos, museum photos and plenty of stunning shots of the wrecks today
Truk Lagoon is one of the premier diving destinations in the world and beneath the warm, blue waters are an incredible collection of shipwrecks unequaled anywhere else.  These wrecks are much more than rusty skeletons; they hold a vast wealth of incredible artifacts, and are home to amazing coral reefs.

The wrecks of Truk Lagoon are so much more than dive sites, they are a connection to a violent time in our past when men did battle across the sky, sea and land.  These ships all have fascinating stories from when they roamed the oceans.
Developed in partnership with the Kimiuo Aisek Memorial Museum at the Blue Lagoon Resort in Chuuk, this book presents these incredible stories.  Using photographs of the unique artifacts in the museum in conjunction with historical photos and shots of the wrecks today, this book is designed to help the reader place the wrecks in their historical context.  It also captures the essence of what divers remeber when the visit the Legends Beneath the Waves in Truk Lagoon..

Let's Go Dive!
Guide to:

​​268 Pages
Full color
Soft Cover
6x9 inches

Featuring 50 dive sites described in great detail, 275 amazing photos shot on location, quick Dive Briefs with just the essentials
Anilao is world famous as a premier dive destination known for legendary sites, such as Secret Bay, rich with tiny and bizarre creatures.  For any macro photographer this is paradise, but did you know there is MUCH more to Anilao?  Everything from pristine coral reefs with swarms of colorful fish, to deep caves where the only light is provided by bioluminescent fish, can be found in these inviting tropical waters.  Whether you are interested in looking for alien looking nudibranchs in the sandy muck near shore, or swimming with turtles and sharks in raging currents, Anilao has it all!
Written in association with the Mabini Department of Tourism and the Philppine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving, LET'S GO DIVE Guides is your essential companion for all the sites in this region.  This guide aims to take you diving by providing maps, quick briefs, surface and underwater photos shot on location and fun narratives that make you feel as if you are actually diving the site.  So flip to your favorite site and let's go dive together in Anilao!

Legends Beneath the Waves Vol. 2

Coming in time for Christmas 2018, the next installment in the series will provide the continuing story of the mighty ships that prowled the Pacific.  

Coming 2018

With thousands of islands and seemingly endless reefs, the Philippines are a diver's paradise.  For mariners throughout history they have also been fraught with danger, and the many hundreds of wrecks that litter these waters bear silent testiment to this. 

The volume of wrecks is staggering, but so is the span of history they represent.  You can find everything from Spanish galleons loaded with Ming Dynasty porcelain, to modern US Navy electronic warfare aircraft.  It is possible to see centuries of human history laying on the bottom!
The wrecks are not just historical sites, or museums.  Many of them have transformed into magical reefs exploding with life and color, enjoyable by any diver.

This book tells the stories of these ships, tanks, planes and other wrecks in order to really allow the reader to connect with their history.  Focusing on the two major wreck diving destinations of Coron and Subic Bay, this book is essential reading for anyone looking to visit these legends beneath the waves.

Legends Beneath the Waves Vol. 3
Palau, Guam & Marianas

Coming Spring 2019