The first edition of Fata Morgana Adventure is now out!

​Welcome to ADVENTURE! This is the first issue of the new Fata Morgana Adventure,  a montly publication that seeks to evolve the traditional blog. We will feature regular content and articles, but we are not trying to be a print magazine. Designed to be entirely electronic, Adventure seeks to go beyond the limitations of print media by being viewable in a wide variety of formats. You can take this with you on the go and view online via a phone, or you can download the .pdf and bring it up on your laptop while sitting on the couch. Maybe in the end you are old school and want to print it out, well that will work too; but you may not get a lot of the exciting features we will be adding. This first issue is like a “soft opening”, in that we really just need to get the kinks worked out. Over the next several months you will begin to see new sections with video, or animations. It should be fun!

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